21 – The Hunt & Interrogation

Ava shows her irritation, which aids Athanasios’ success in the hunt. Previously:  19 – France   20 – Edge of the New Home The Hunt Introductions Ava I talk with the mother and daughter as the handless wolf is taken to the dungeon. I can hear and feel Athanasios and Alexandros’ frustration the more I’m […]

19 – France

Athanasios and Ava continue their journey and stop off in France. Previously:  17 – The Journey       18 – Crossing Over France All too soon, Alexandros begins to drop in altitude, though slowly; a fact I am grateful for. He homes in on his pack, who are waiting just outside the Shifter Transport Station. Less than […]

18 – Crossing Over & Flying High

Athanasios and Ava continue their journey to Greece by flying. Previously: 16 – Loving You    17 – The Journey Under the Stars Good Evening Ava The fire burns brightly, sending heat and light around the camp. Athanasios’ men caught rabbits for us to eat and the game with the fresh vegetables Emily apparently sent […]

13 – With This Ring

Athanasios has the most precious gift for Ava and their wedding made. Previously:  11 / Time for Comfort  12/ Time to Rest With This Ring… The Morning Of Ava’s PoV I awake when it’s still dark with Athanasios stirring beside me. He’s curled into me, spooning me with a hand over a breast, clamping me […]

9 – Kin and Family

Ava has a surprise kin visit, all because of Athanasios. Previously: 7/ The Trial  8/ The Champion Kin & Family Follow Your Heart “Dad?!” I call out and leave Athanasios’ embrace to hug my father. From behind him, my brother appears and I laugh, grin and hug him. He’s eighteen now, legally a man and […]