13 – With This Ring

Athanasios has the most precious gift for Ava and their wedding made. Previously:  11 / Time for Comfort  12/ Time to Rest With This Ring… The Morning Of Ava’s PoV I awake when it’s still dark with Athanasios stirring beside me. He’s curled into me, spooning me with a hand over a breast, clamping me […]

9 – Kin and Family

Ava has a surprise kin visit, all because of Athanasios. Previously: 7/ The Trial  8/ The Champion Kin & Family Follow Your Heart “Dad?!” I call out and leave Athanasios’ embrace to hug my father. From behind him, my brother appears and I laugh, grin and hug him. He’s eighteen now, legally a man and […]

8 – The Champion

A champion is needed in Merrick’s trial. Previously: 6/ Fated & Bashful 7/ The Trial The Champion Truth Thread Merrick’s chains are removed as soon as the arena quietens. Off to my left, I can see the Luna of the St Michael pack, Felicity. Her husband, the alpha, survived the attack by Merrick’s men. His […]

6 – Fated And Bashful

Previously; 1/ Battle  2/ Reckoning  3/Dragon Seeks a Callaghan  4/That’s Not My Name  5/I Know His Name Fated! I gasp at his comment, but a playful smile plays along his lips and his eyes change to something horse-like, before becoming man like again. He nods and I hear Aunt Em’s voice in my head. “Same […]