Other Sweet With Heat Romances

I’m not the only person who writes in the Sweet with Heat genre. Here’s a list of those that I know who do, with links to their books and their author profiles on Amazon. This isn’t a definitive list, so it will be edited and added to frequently. What these ladies and I write, is more traditional; think Nora Roberts, Jennifer Weiner (though we wish we were them!)

Sara Bellcamp
When They Do
Who doesn’t love a good wedding? Maybe the groom’s ex-girlfriend. And the rebound groomsman she’s doing. If only he wasn’t so super hot.
A unique & delightfully witty sweet romance that’s just a little bit steamy in this standalone friends-to-lovers, opposites-attract romantic comedy.

Lily Bains
Lily has her own website where her works are listed. So, visit it to find out what they are & when they’re due out!

Brooke Burton
Broken Dreams

When Cole receives a letter as part of a pen pal project for Jen’s class, her words stir feelings inside him he thought had died long ago. He is determined that nothing will stop him from winning Jen’s heart. Not her overprotective big brother or even his own meddling family, who are still determined to ruin his life.
Broken Trust

Jax had no plans to fall for Galen, especially since she was only in town for the week. But when she shows up at his family’s company, he begins to second guess his rule on mixing business and pleasure. When deceit spills all of Galen’s secrets and causes her to lose everything, Jax is determined to prove he’s the man she can trust with everything.

Nalani Titcomb
Dark Side of Paradise
Claire Morgan is fighting to save her brother Jake; going through a downward spiral, he has been lost for years, finally hitting rock bottom and facing 15 years in prison. She will fight the judicial system, the prison system, and even drug lords; She will do whatever it takes to save him, even from himself. But will it cost her everything?
Drew Roberts is an FBI agent trying to take down the very corrupt prison system.  Will he be able to help Claire protect Jake, or will his involvement put her in the path of even greater danger?
Trafficking Innocence
Who would have thought that beneath the lush landscapes and beautiful backdrops of Hawaii, there could lie such danger?
Witnessing her 12-year-old son being pulled into a van, Taylor does everything in her power to get him back. Putting them on a crash course with some very dangerous men. Can she put her trust, and the wellbeing of her son, in the hands of a man she just met?
Moonlight in Hanalei
When Ellie moves to Hawaii, all she wants to do is keep her head down, lay low, and live a simple life. She’d never considered that people would actually want to get to know her. Can Ellie survive flying under the radar? Or will the handsome fireman douse her fire and bring everything to light?

Kona is the Captain at the local fire station. A town hero to most, dashingly handsome to all. Ellie intrigues him and he won’t stop until he’s figured her out.

Can Ellie finally find the love and family she’s always yearned for? Or will her past come back to haunt her?

Louise Murchie
Visit this page on Louise’s site to see her current available works!

This is the Gone Dutch series; a Sweet with Heat trilogy.
Emorie Cole
Unexpected Love on Christmas Eve

Can a cozy cabin at Christmastime and a little holiday magic reignite the affection for one another and bring two ex-lovers back together? Will passions erupt and make this a Christmas to remember or will the magic fail when a crazy stalker tries to tear them apart.
Love At The Inn – Wilkins Horbor Book 1

Gabby Daniels is running to escape from her dangerous ex boyfriend. She decides to make a fresh start in a remote town in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan called Wilkins Harbor. Desperate for a job, she can’t believe
her luck when the gorgeous Brandon Edwards offers her a position at his charming inn. Her new boss has her falling head over heels. Too bad her best friend says he’s been emotionally unavailable and not interested in
dating since a tragic accident took the life of his fiancée. Will Gabby be able to mend Brandon’s broken heart and help him love again? Or will fate keep them apart?
Accidental Love – Wilkins Harbor Book 2

Alyssa loves spending time with Eric, and she can’t help the feelings that she has been having towards him lately. But with the daily uncertainty of his job, she could never let herself love him. It would hurt too much if she lost him in the same way as her brother. Will Alyssa ever allow herself to take a chance on him to find true love? Or will she let love slip through her fingers?
Midnight Carriage Kiss – Wilkins Harbor Book 3

Samantha Ashford fell in love with Christian d’Angelo as a teenager, but he broke her heart when he sailed away from Wilkins Harbor on his parents’ yacht and never returned. Now fate has brought him back into her life—a successful billionaire with a yacht of his own. Can she find it in her heart to forgive him and rekindle what they had? Or have they drifted too far apart?

Nerys McCabe
It’s Just Sex – Isn’t it?

I didn’t mean to fall for the hot, celebrity chef, Matt Grove! It just happened.
But Matt was off-limits, totally off-limits, married off limits!

I was in love with him before I even realised it. Before I could stop myself. And I should have stopped myself. I should have had more self-control but my heart led the way and now I’m stuck: in love and lonely.
So things need to change because it appears Matt isn’t going to. 
I need to take control. It’s time! Katie Carlin is putting herself out there. I’m going to see what I’ve been missing! Maybe I’m not ready to give up on Matt entirely but I can at least have some fun. After all, it’s just sex…isn’t it?  
The One

One chance meeting, one wonderful night together, that was all it took for Matilda to fall for Jamie. It was perfect in every way… but then nothing! 
How can she have got it so wrong? 

But some things aren’t meant to last just one night! 

When fate brings them together again, Matilda is shocked by a new revelation. And then, it seems, the secrets just keep on coming. 
Will Matilda stay around to find out what Jamie’s hiding? Or will his darkest secret have her running for the hills?
Stuck With You

Two people, one house and the memory of a night three years ago that neither of them have been able to forget. 

Melissa has just returned from Spain and, because of the pandemic, has to self-isolate for two weeks. She’s looking forward to being alone in her brother’s house: relaxing, reading, sleeping, jumping in the hot tub and drinking wine. 

That is until Dominic, her brother’s best mate, and the guy she’s been in love with since she was 13, turns up! 

Now what? Can she hide her true feelings? Or will she end up making a fool of herself…again?

Janet Olson
New Beginnings

Ida and Engen’s 13-year-old friendship is altered when the death of their friend comes between them. Engen, guilt-ridden over Janelle’s passing, has become violent. Ida, in her grief, attempts to fill the loss with a one-night stand, which leaves her pregnant. As punishment, their parents force them to join a program called Youth of America Help a Nation, and they are sent to Africa on work assignments. Enter Lev Rosen, Ida’s irresistible boss at the orphanage where she’s been appointed. Lev has his own connection with Ida, although she doesn’t know it yet. Engen hoped the time away would give him the courage to finally tell Ida his true feelings for her, but how can he do that now that she is getting closer to Lev?
Between Two Worlds

Ida thought that by moving herself and her infant daughter to Mukono, she would be accomplishing two things: allowing Engen to freely attend the college of his choice, and fulfilling Mrs M.’s prediction that Ida and Engen needed to ‘separate to unite.’  However, Ida’s world is turned upside down when an unexpected visitor shows up to inform her that a horrible crime has been committed against Engen. Ida, afraid that she will lose yet another friend without having the chance to say goodbye, returns home to Minnesota. Will the fact that Engen almost died cause Ida to tempt fate by ignoring Mrs. M.’s prediction?

Kara Kendrick
Rushing Into Love

Parent. Work. Football. That’s my life summed up in three words. 
Sure, I used to be a pro-NFL baller, but now I’m perfectly content with a quiet life in my small hometown of Peachtree Grove, Georgia.
That is until Bree, a beautiful blonde dating expert, gets tackled at my Pee Wee football practice, knocking me off my game. I swore I’d never get involved again after my messy divorce left me reeling, but one date with Bree and I’m dropping all my hesitations—along with my jersey. 
Now she has me rethinking my plays.
But will the tabloids, my ex, and Bree’s complicated past keep us in the friendzone?
Samantha Thomas
Broken Promises – Part 1
Nyah Rodriguez is a single mother and the manager of the Lexington Hotel. Abandoned to an orphanage as a baby, she has built a secure life for herself and her son, Lucas, and she isn’t going to let some entitled jerk derail her. 

Caleb Evans is the gorgeous heir to a business empire. Destined to take over one day, he must learn the ropes, and Nyah will be his teacher. But Caleb is not a man who takes instructions easily. 

From the moment their paths cross, sparks fly. The spoiled playboy soon learns there’s at least one person in the world who’s not intimidated by him. But while their fiery working relationship turns to friendship and more, dark secrets from Nyah’s past threatens to overwhelm them. 
Broken Souls – Part 2

When Nyah Rodriguez abandons her life in Vancouver, she not only leaves behind the love of her life… she changes her name. She’s now Savannah Flores. 

Betrayed by her cheating lover, playboy Caleb Evans, she is determined to start again. Now she plans for the birth of his child. 

Falling in love and finding happiness isn’t part of her plans. Not now, not ever. 

But she didn’t count on her rough and rude neighbour, Cole Harris. He needs her help. And maybe he can help her too. Help her to leave the past behind and find happiness again. 
Broken Hearts Healed – Part 3
Broken Hearts Healed is the gratifying conclusion to The Broken Trilogy – a romantic suspense, slow-burn trilogy.

Can broken hearts be healed?

Betrayed by her first love Caleb Evans, Savannah Flores now mourns the death of her beloved husband Cole. But when she’s catapulted into Cole’s construction business, she has to learn the ropes. Fast.

Caleb Evans is engaged to the beautiful and very rich Tatiana Myers, but he hasn’t forgotten the woman who broke his heart. None of his private investigators ever found Nyah Rodriguez. 

Now, months away from his marriage, Caleb sees a face from the past. But her name isn’t Nyah. It’s Savannah. And his company is about to do business with hers… 

Both believe the other to be guilty of betrayal… But is the truth what it appears to be? And are second chances possible?

Margo Swan
Delayed In Zurich

Evie Mason is a planner.
Get her degree—check.
Go on the perfect holiday—check.
Start her dream job—ready and waiting when she gets back—check!

Fox Evans is an adventurer.
No roots. No responsibilities. No plans.
Except one—he promised his baby sister, he’d be at her wedding—a promise he intends to keep.

Life plans and weddings are put at risk when a blizzard delays them both in Zurich. Neither was looking for love, but the heady combination of chocolates and alcohol makes sparks fly.
When the snow thaws and it’s time to say goodbye, perfect plans and promises can’t be ignored.

Will Evie and Fox find their way back to each other, or will it only ever remain a brief stopover romance?