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Imagine yourself standing on a mist-covered mountain in Scotland; the sun is just rising as you take a lungful of fresh, clean, crisp air. Rolling hills of heather as they begin to appear when the sunlight cascades its warm glow over the land. Cascading waterfalls and freezing cold pools beckon.

  1. Tango Down Duet: Experience the perfect blend of action-adventure and sultry passion that has been likened to 50 Shades, in this thrilling duet.
  2. Soul Song Duology: Dive deep into the world of military romance, where love and longing entwine, creating an atmosphere of intense emotion and irresistible desire.
  3. Relight My Fire: Feel the scorching Texan summer heat as you join a daring firefighter on a journey of sizzling passion and untamed desire.
  4. The StoryTeller: Journey with Tabitha as she rebuilds and reconnects with those she’s tried to protect.

No matter where you are, these global book links will transport you to each story, allowing you to experience their stories, from the comfort of your favourite spot. Simply click on the image that calls to you and let the magic of romance sweep you away. These tales are unforgettable, page-turning and spicy.

Gone Dutch Seriescurrently unavailable due to
being edited & updated
Tango Down Duology
Published 2022 via Amazon

A Romantic Action Adventure Duet set in Edinburgh, Scotland.
An action-adventure meeting 50 Shades? This is it.

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tango down duology with 2023 covers.

Soul Song Duology
Published February 2023 via Amazon

Sweet with Heat, second chance, ex-military duet.
Set in the same world and rules as the #tangodown duet.
Set in Milton Keynes / London.

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The Storyteller – New Adult
Published 18th May 2023

This is my first New Adult second-chance romance and it’s available wide – the first of my works to be so.
By wide, I mean, Scribd, Barnes & Nobel, Google Books, Smashwords

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Firehouse 49
Published 5th of August 2023

My first collaborative/shared world.
This is book 6 of this series and it can be read as a stand-alone.

Set in the small American town of Piper Falls, this Firefighter Romance contains a feisty Scottish heroine, a reluctant cinnamon-roll hero and a rekindling of childhood connections.

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Jigsaw image cover

Jigsaw is a novella I wrote back in 2003; just after I was married on a Windows 3.1 machine. If your memory is as long as mine, grin at the pain that I went through to write 45k in Word and not have it corrupt on you! I came across it again in some archives in late 2020.  Using the new skills I’d acquired in writing the Gone Dutch novels, it received a quick edit and re-read. You can still download it for free today.

It’s a bit more paranormal with a touch of modern-day to it (though, it features a 56k modem that might set your mind reeling!) so if you like that kind of thing, feel free to download it.

Their Heaven is a quick steamy novella. FREE for website browsers and NL subscribers.

I created ‘Their Heaven’ specifically for the Newsletter and is the bridge between the #soulsong duology and my WiP. We met Iain Graeme and Josie “Boomer” Montogomery in Time After Time. Military personnel tend to take life by the horns. And this is how they do it.

Start with a black-country-born man who has a Scottish father. When you then add in a fiery Aussie who gets cheated on. Mix in some military background for both – you can guess how explosive this might get!

It does have a HAE, but we see more of them in the Christmas duology. Enjoy!