Other Authors

It would be remiss of me to not mention other brilliant indie authors I’ve met on this journey. Here is a short list with links to their website(s)/social links where I know them.

I warn you with this list of authors, only a few write sweet-with-heat and some aren’t romantic. These books can take you to steamy, dark, adventurous, paranormal, dangerous worlds… and they will be designed for above 18-year-olds as they’ll have mature, adult content with triggers of varying things. Don’t say I didn’t warn you; on your own head be it.

I’ve highlighted the British and fellow Scots authors for ye! Everyone else is likely to be an American author; just so ye know.

N Dune Jolie Vines
Delta JamesEllie Sanders
Melony AnnLinz Voc
Ayana LisbetKayla Baker
Annie Charm Ali Kaden
Daisy Hale TL Clarke
KC Savage L Hope
Samantha MichaelsSionna Trenz
Devin SloaneBillie Jade Kermack
Havana Wilder Jason Handler
Anneke BoshoffBrooke Burton
J L Reed Stacy Kristen
Lily BainesRosie East
Kayla Baker