Firehouse 49 Series Collaboration

Welcome to Firehouse 49, Piper Falls, Texas.

Welcome to Piper Falls, home to firehouse 49

Series Blurb

Everything’s bigger in Texas.

Piper Falls is a town where the grass really is sweeter and greener. It’s peaceful. Serene. A sanctuary in a cold world where love is bigger, stronger and makes the town everything that it is.

And home to Firehouse 49.

The brothers and sisters in red who hold the red line are all on a collision course with fate.

Each of them are about to be thrust into the biggest battle of their lives. Will they fan the flames of their hearts? Or will they extinguish them before they’ve even formed embers?

Buckle up. Hold on tight.

Welcome to Piper Falls.

Welcome to Piper Falls. Home to Firehouse 49

Relight My Fire

At the tender age of ten, Nick thought he’d met someone who understood him. Abi Campbell was different, strange, with a funny voice. She was also the daughter of a local firefighter, his dad’s friend and firehouse buddy. The girl could climb trees and be one of the boys. It endeared her to Nick.

Until she left, leaving silence in her wake.

Two decades later, she’s back, unaware that Nick had a crush on her that hasn’t been resolved or admitted to.

But there’s always two sides to the story. Nick realizes that he can’t stay cold and distant when he seems to be the key to both his and Abi’s happiness.

With only a glance, Abi has relit the fire he’s smothered for too long.

Can they keep the fire burning? Or will it blow out in the wind?

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