So, you want to know about me?
(Since you’re insisting, here ye go!)

I’m a busy mum who took to writing the ideas in my head during the Covid-19 pandemic. The first book I wrote, I decided to self-publish. I was scared and while I had written something before, I’d never published it (and that’s likely a good thing!) I’ve had ideas and stories in my head since I was a lass (six or so?) I just never took that important step, until 2020.

Something getting edited.

That story was Gone Dutch. I had an astrology friend work out when it was best for me to publish it, and April 23rd 2021 was the best date. Despite it being ready six months beforehand, that’s when I published it. (ha! Ready my left foot. But, that’s another story, for another time.)


I read as the lockdown gave me back a passion for reading, not that I could do much about anything else when the kids were in bed and the paint or plaster was drying! Not all the ideas in my busy head, make it to a decent stage so I write mostly for myself, but I often do want to share it with others. I’ll publish when I have a good feeling about what I’ve written.

I have three kids (four if you count the husband being the biggest child), a mad border collie dog that chills with me but takes the ball to the hubby, a fluffy black rag-doll cat and a good pair of walking boots. My other hobbies include gardening, card making, sleeping and reading. Add in friends, coffee, cake and being a rugby/dance/taxi mum, it’s a wonder I get anything done!

My heritage is a big source of inspiration for me. I follow quite a few Scottish people, things, places, and acts on Instagram (Pipers, tour guides, Gaelic Speakers and fellow Scots).

Time & Motivation

Me in the British Sun

When do I find the time to write? When the kids are not around and when I’m not at work. Some evenings I write, but on others, I read. It’s especially helpful when I’m stuck at the rugby club for training, given how often I’m there. But, I’ve often taken the tablet and the charged-up Bluetooth keyboard there too; it just depends on what it is I need to do in those magical few hours. When I need to, I’ll make the time.

The motivation to write depends on how often a scene has been circulating around in my head. When I started, I wanted to do a few collaborations and shared world stories. I did that with Love And Unity and then with the Firehouse 49 Series. With these ladies, I wanted others who could match my chaotic energy. I’m glad I’m not the only one out there who is motivated in such a way.

Needing my partners to feel as if I had pulled my weight was important. That meant, working to deadlines. I learned a lot about myself, how I work and what I need for a collaboration piece. You can rest assured, I learned more about the process than I thought I would.


What are my goals? Well, like every author, an Orange Banner on Amazon would be great! I mean, who doesn’t want a #1 spot? Most of all though, I want to give you a wee scoop of Scotland, to take you away from where you are and plonk you right in the middle of a heather-covered glen, let you smell the sweet air and then watch ye get yer feet wet as you trudge back home.