to later-in-life, second-chance romances & the website of Louise Murchie, a story-telling Scotswoman

who finally got brave enough to self-publish her romance stories first via Amazon Kindle, then go Wide. Thank you, Lockdown!

As I sat down to write Gone Dutch, I knew I wanted to create a tale of love lost and found again. A story of two hearts that were meant to be together, but were separated by fate. I wanted to capture the passion, the longing, and the hope that comes with a second chance at love.

I had planned out a romance series for afterwards, knowing that series sell better as they draw people into a world you’ve already taken the time to build. After all, your favourite author hasn’t just written one book in that World, have they?

That idea changed after conversing with other authors who understood the art of storytelling better than I did, and I was persuaded to make Gone Dutch into a series. It was because of those conversations, I learned that as I delved deeper into the world of romance, I realized that something was missing. A certain spark that I couldn’t quite put my finger on. That’s when I discovered the sweet-with-heat niche, a genre that spoke to me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. It was the genre I had been searching for all along, the one that would allow me to tell the story I had always wanted to tell.


The Dutch Bound Series will be available from January 29th 2024. See here for links or head to the SHOP for signed copies. It’s been EDITED, REBRANDED, RECOVERED, REFORMATTED. As I look back on Gone Dutch, I realize it was more than just a stand-alone second-chance romance. It was a labour of love, a testament to the power of the human heart, and a tribute to the genre that changed my life forever.

Another series was completed as of 28th March 2022 (the Tango Down Duology). This is grittier and more romantic suspense than before. It has a follow-on duology in the same world (the Soul Song duology).

Research is currently underway for a few others. However, the underlying theme with all of my books is this: love. Specifically, sweet with heat, later-in-life, second-chance romance, involving leading ladies with a Celtic fire burning brightly, and cinnamon-roll men who are sweet for their ladies, but devasting to those that may hurt them. After all, write about what you know, aye?

Given the global situation, don’t we all require a little romance in our lives? Even if it is only via the white pages of your Kindle/eReader.

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