Dutch Bound Trilogy

The Dutch Bound Trilogy takes readers on a journey through love, trust and second chances. Each is a tale of romance that explores the power of an unyielding connection that is rooted in its tenacity, reminding us that heartache is never the end. With its realistic-down-to-earth characters, this series will have you turning the pages and begging for more.

Gone Dutch

The last place widowed Shauna expected to be standing, was down the aisle as a maid of honour. Juggling life, she didn’t have time to consider finding love, that’s until she saw him, Harek, the groom’s best man.

When a brutal altercation sends Harek to the hospital, all he can think about is the fiery, independent woman he spent the night with; the one whose voice pulled him from the darkness. Deep down he knows, it’s her: she has the power to rekindle his belief in all things love.

As Fate intertwines their lives, they’re drawn to each other by an unspoken connection as both learn to heal from their past and build a future they want: but never thought they’d reach. As their bond strengthens and binds them, they defy the odds that are stacked against them.

Going Forward

Ellen’s tranquil life unexpectedly turns inside out when the powers that be decide to throw the handsome whirlwind, otherwise known as Nick, across her path, thanks to his matchmaking nephew.

Initial heated encounters between the two have Ellen retreating, but a gentle nudge from her persuasive teenage daughter propels her to take a leap of faith.

Unwitting witnesses to a seemingly innocent crash-for-cash incident, the stakes rise, and Nick’s protective instincts come to the forefront. His unwavering commitment to keeping Ellen safe reveals a side of him that stirs emotions she had forgotten existed. Amidst the chaos, the question lingers: Can Nick not only shield Ellen from danger but also capture her heart? The serendipity of unexpected connections, they navigate a path where every text, every glance, and every heartbeat becomes a step toward a love that neither saw coming.

Gone Strong

With a past steeped in pain and suspicion, Ruth has no reason to trust men.

One fateful night, life as she knows it is turned upside down when danger turns to an unexpected rescue, and tattoo artist Daniel, intervenes, forging a connection that just might be what Ruth needs to trust again.

All Ruth has ever wanted is to find that ultimate kind of love that transcends the scars of her past. Fresh from his heartbreak, Daniel is drawn to Ruth’s fire & vulnerability. As their lives intertwine, they must navigate the intricate paths of healing and self-discovery.

Can Ruth find the courage to face her deepest fears and take what she wants? Will Daniel have what it takes to mend her wounded heart?

Against all odds their pasts are confronted, motives are questioned & the possibility of unyielding love is explored. Will Ruth and Daniel ever find their happily ever after…

Dutch Bound Collection

Enjoy ALL the Dutch Bound books in this huge collection. This collection is a must-have for all things Dutch Bound. From Helene’s meeting with Fons that began it all, to Shauna’s journey to Rotterdam, Ellen’s meeting with Nick and Daniel’s determination with Ruth, you can have it all in one place.

Pick up this collection and take days before you can set it down again.