16 – Loving You

Ava & Athanasios begin their life together, loving each other before it’s time for Athanasios to head home.

Previously: 14 – Prenuptial Nerves   15 – I Thee Wed



I wake to find strong arms holding me to an even stronger torso; my legs are entwined with his and I cannot move. Not that I want to leave this warm haven I find myself in. I close my eyes again, remembering the feel of him… doing things to me I’d only ever heard the married shifters in the Castle speak of. Seeing stars I thought was a metaphor; it wasn’t. I can sense that he’s awake, but he’s not said anything yet.

loving you“Athanasios?” I tentatively call out in my mind. Can he even hear me? How do we connect? I swore I heard his thoughts as we made love though the night.

“Just as you are, ómorfi,” he tells me. Only, his voice is not verbal, it’s in my head and my thoughts weren’t as private as I thought they were. Internally I giggle, wondering how connected we are right now. I felt the warm blanket of being home, descend upon me as Athanasios and I joined. Is that why?

“Very!” Another voice comes back to me. It’s not Athanasios’… My eyes snap open as I work out who it belongs to. “Alexandros?!” I gasp and I turn to find Athanasios’ eyes are dragon-like. There’s a quirky grin on my husband’s mouth.

“Yes,” the voice huffs back, which brings a smile to my lips I never knew existed. Athanasios pulls me to him, kissing me deeply and pulling me on top of his huge frame, he positions me as he wants me. It doesn’t take us long to connect, climb the mountain and soar into the sky.

Taking Care of The Other


Ava rests on me after we indulge in each other again. I intend on spending all day with her in bed, loving her any way I can.

“That would be nice,” Alexandros purrs at me as I mindlessly stroke Ava’s smooth back. Her nerves about our first time are now gone and curiosity has replaced them.

“It would,” I agree and I close my eyes while I hold her. Time loses meaning as we learn how to connect, to physically love each other over and over again. Near high noon, our stomachs rumble and I hear Ava’s long before she does. By the time she’s feeling it, I have dressed in some tracksuit bottoms and prepared a huge pile of grilled meats on sticks and some taramasalata, along with vegetable sides and drinks. She wraps the pink satin gown around her, the gift I left behind in her room.

“Do you like the wrap?” I ask her as I encourage her to sit so we can eat.

She nods and smiles at me. “This was from you?” She asks as I place the plates on the table. It curves around her, highlighting her form.

“Yes,” I admit, smiling at her. Her eyes soften and she smiles, then she licks her lips. “Loving you isn’t just physical,” I tell her and Alexandros growls in a possessive way.

“Thank you!” she breathes as I sit down. I can feel the lust coming from her, which is curtailed by her stomach demanding food; loudly.

Talking about loving


I sit and watch, appreciative of my now husband as he prepares some food, most of which is Greek. I’m sure the vegetable sticks are just as commonplace here as in Greece. I blush when he tells me that the satin wrap was from him. Never before have I allowed a man to see me as he did last night. Never do I want another man to see me like that. I want to know if what I experienced was… normal, or expected. Acceptable? A sudden wave of reassurance is sent my way and before I know it, he’s pulling me out of the chair and holding me.

“Tell me what is wrong, Ava,” he asks, verbally. But, I can’t get the words out, so I let him in, mentally.

“Last night…was it…what you expected? I have never done that before…” Though we’ve made love since. I’m nervous as my track record with boys was, is… well, I fell at the first hurdle, not wanting to do anything more than kiss the boys before.

“You were perfect,” he replies and lifts my chin, making me look at him. I see his eyes dart between dragon and man and then Alexandros’ voice enters my head.

“You were beyond perfect,” the dragon coos to me. “Loving your mate for the first time is always a chance to set expectations going forward and you, my dear, have set the expectations quite high.” I feel almost prideful at Alexandros’ assessment, a fact Athanasios nods in agreement with.


“We have time, lots of it, to be together, to improve, for us both,” he says. “There are many things to try as a couple as far as the bedroom goes,” he assures me. Then, he kisses me again, claiming me, ensuring that I can feel the love coming from him.

I smile as he lets me go and I sink back into my seat to eat the food he’s prepared. We eat the spicy kebab he cooked and I’m glad he placed the vegetables alongside the cool cucumber yoghurt dip. When we have finished, I help clear up, aware that Emily or some of the girls from the Castle pack will be sent to clear up after us;  I’d rather they don’t think we’re slobs!

“Is that a hot tub?” Athanasios asks as he draws back the curtains as we finish clearing the kitchen. I go to join him at the window and down on the lower decking, sits the object of his desire. The excitement pouring off him is intense.

“I believe it is,” I tell him and I search out the controls, then I turn it on, making Athanasios grin. I grin in response, loving the fact that I made him smile.

“We should indulge,” he states as the control panel beeps. I grin as we each grab a towel and then we head down to the tub and enjoy the bubbles in the rub, as well as the bubbles in the sparkling wine that were left for us in the fridge.

For the rest of the day, we enjoy each other’s company as we talk, eat, drink, snooze and love each other until the following morning.