6 – Fated And Bashful

Previously; 1/ Battle  2/ Reckoning  3/Dragon Seeks a Callaghan  4/That’s Not My Name  5/I Know His Name Fated! I gasp at his comment, but a playful smile plays along his lips and his eyes change to something horse-like, before becoming man like again. He nods and I hear Aunt Em’s voice in my head. “Same […]

4 – That’s Not My Name

1/ Battle    2/ Reckoning   3/ Dragon Seeks Whispers of a Name The whole Castle is full of whispers by the time we’ve helped Emily settle the refugees and everyone is ready to retire. The younger ones ask questions the elders have no answers for. Dragons haven’t been around since The Blending, maybe even before […]

3 – Dragon Seeks a Callaghan

Battle (1); Reckoning (2); Here Be… Dragons? The Callaghan Alpha stalks towards the wolf I’ve injured, claws half out, a growl emanating deep from his throat. James pulls him up by his hair, but the injured wolf can now hardly stand. “Who sent you?” James asks him in a vicious growl. I stand at the […]