Flash Fiction – 2nd March 2021

Welcome to the new Flash Fiction Blog Posts!

These are just quick posts to entice you to read something of mine or to get an idea out of my head. One of my Tarot buddies does this with her newsletter, but I’m borrowing that idea for my new writing blog! I know she won’t mind!

coffee, romance

The water dripped slowly through the filter as the coffee brewed, filling the kitchen with an enticing roasted Columbian scent.

The sound and smell slowly woke me from my slumber, enticing me to get out of bed to deeply inhale, then slowly devour the contents brewed within.

Poured into my favourite mug, I knew that I would stand and watch the garden come to life with birds as the warmth from the mug penetrated my hands.

The sound of the cars driving past my house reached my ears. The world was awake, finally, though I never wanted to be. Until the first cup was consumed.